What was that? Chatville being re-released?

May 14, 2011

Hey guys, its Goku!

Yes its been like.. I dont know.. more then half a year? We’ll good news.. I think this site is dead and no one visits it anymore but, if your reading this right now, Chatville is being re-released, after all that time. We will try get Chatville and this site back alive. I hope this all works out and doesnt fail again. I know alot of virtual worlds that have still not gave up. There has been heaps of ups and downs. But now. Its the final. Chatville will be re-released and if it closes it will not come back up. So there you have it.


Chatville might be coming back!

November 6, 2010

Hey guys,
Yes, Chatville might be coming back soon. This time, if we relaunch, we will not give release dates, because you can not trust us with releasing things on the exact date. Well, first of all, Chatville Server Host, 09op quit, so we lost the server, Cool boy 714 (Accounts Host) Deleted his website, so the accounts are gone. We will need to reupdate. Anyways, cya guys! And Thanks!

Chatville Shutdown??

October 31, 2010

Hey everyone!
I don’t know if this is true but i think Chatville is officially done with.
No one is working on it anymore, we’re not posting. So yeah it’s been closed for good.
Well sorry about this. I hope it was a good game (:
Goku, if you’re reading this please tell me if it has been confirmed or not.
Thanks for everyones support! We appreciate it.


Chatville Servers Completed!

September 3, 2010

Hey guys,
Its Goku. We’ll, me and 09op spent the whole day working on Chatville. We updated the designs, added new rooms and much much more, well, anyways, I was testing out the server, and then, i thought, why dont I make the two new servers now? So I did! Theres now two servers, called “MONSTER” & “Test Server 1”. You still cant play Chatville yet, but you soon will! Chatville’s getting heaps better by the minute!

New Sounds in Chatville!

August 31, 2010

Hey guys,
It’s Goku. Well, we have new sound’s in Chatville! Once Chatville is released, at the Lake you will hear a water sound. In the VIP Room you will hear a cool Techno beat that was made by myself. And in a room we can’t mention right now, there will be 2 noises. A cricket chirp and another surprise noise. Well, Thats all for now. Stay tuned!


Beta Party – Paused for Updates!

August 29, 2010

Hey guys,
It’s Goku. Well, right now we are getting ready for Halloween. Halloween is not too far away, but don’t get too excited, it’s still going to take a while. Anyways, we have made a couple of cool designs for Chatville Halloween. There’s going to be some new rooms for the launch. And also, Beta is Paused, again. We are trying to raise alot of players. We currently still have under 100 users. Please spread Chatville around to all your friends. Also, there’s going to be heaps of new features & and much more. We are fixing a few glitches, improving our graphics and much more. We have never got more then about 10 people online on Chatville, let’s try to get a goal of 20. 20 will make the server full. We will also hurry up and try to finish the process of the two new servers. There’s alot in store for Chatville. Once we release the new update, you will love it. We are trying our hardest. We are also trying to find 2 lucky scriptwriter’s for Chatville. We would also like to see your experience. Stay tuned for more!